Q & A

Is there a minimum number of orders per month?

ShipsRight would like to have at least 200 orders per month to become a client. Once you become a customer, there is no minimum that you have to ship each month. 

Do each of my items have to be labeled by my supplier?

Yes, we do require the items to labeled with SKU or Part numbers matching your website items plus any info such as size, color, etc. Items that are labeled well will help cut down on shipping errors and reduce your return & replacement costs. 

What needs to be on the label for shipments to your warehouse?

The better your shipment is labeled, the faster we can receive your product and have it ready for fulfillment. We would like to have the following information on the packing list for shipments: 


  • Company Name
  • Total number of boxes in the shipment
  • Each box labeled with SKU or Part Number with quantity of each.

How are returns handled?

There are two main ways to return an item. We can email a prepaid label to the customer or they can mail the item back to the return address on the package that they received their order in. 

Can you help with Amazon FBA and/or Seller Fulfilled Prime?

We can inspect and prepare your Amazon shipments and ship them to local Amazon warehouses. If you would like to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, we can handle that as well. With Amazon fulfilled shipments, you will pay shipping through Amazon and only pay us for pick & pack services and packaging. 

How do I see my inventory levels?

With our shipping software, real-time inventory levels are provided to your eCommerce platforms. You should be able to monitor inventory levels in your admin area. 

Do you ship internationally?

We can ship anywhere in the world. For small and light weight packages, we offer very competitive and cost effective rates.